Global Manager Development Program – Japan Deep Dive for Higher Education Students

Many expatriate assignments end in failure…

Global Manager Development Program (GMDP) is designed for currently enrolled higher education students who want to learn how to be an effective international manager. Special emphasis is given to managing in Japan.

Building a better expat!

NOTE: This Program is specially designed to complement university student groups who are visiting Tokyo, Japan on short-term, faculty-led study abroad programs.


  • Understand the influence of cultural differences on management practice;
  • Develop skills to manage diverse teams;
  • Practice international negotiation;
  • Learn about leading across global organizations.


  • Global Managers
  • Country Analysis/Country Briefing (Japan)
  • Leading Across Cultures
  • International Market Entry (Japan)
  • Toyota Production System (Japan)
  • International Mobility & Talent Management
  • Managing Global Teams
  • Japanese-Style Management
  • Managing an Alliance with a Japanese Partner
  • International Negotiation – Negotiating with a Japanese Counterparty

Note: Program topics are balanced between general global management issues and Japan-specific issues. This enables the Program to create value for all Program Participants (i.e. not just the ones with an interest in working in Japan).


  • Pre-work — consisting of assigned readings and several case studies — is completed prior to coming to Japan.
  • (Separate from the Program, extensive advance planning — including requesting meetings — is completed by the participating students and faculty from the partner University. Guidance is provided by HACKETT LABS).
  • Learning Sessions are held every weekday morning from 08:00 a.m. – 09:30 a.m.
  • After each Learning Session, participating students and the faculty accompanying them spend the rest of the morning, afternoon, and early evening exploring Tokyo and attending meetings that were arranged prior to arriving in Japan.
  • In the evenings, students spend time reflecting on and making meaning from the lessons learned inside and outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to record their Key Takeaways and Insights in their Personal Insights Journal and to prepare for the next morning’s lesson.


This Program has been developed for academically motivated students who seek to leverage an International Immersion to acquire knowledge and develop skills required to work internationally and/or across cultures at some point in their careers.


For information on how your students can participate in the Global Manager Development Platform, please click on the button below.

GMDP Director – Sean M. Hackett, Ph.D.

GMDP Director

Dr. Hackett is the learning experience designer, program director, and instructor for this Program.

Currently on the faculty at Aoyama Gakuin University’s Graduate School of Business, he has been designing and delivering transformative educational experiences in the USA and Japan since 2001.

Dr. Hackett’s teaching and research interests include cross-cultural management, innovation, negotiation, and entrepreneurship.