New Manager Development Program

Making the transition from Independent Contributor to Team Leader/Manager is not easy… many new managers fail in their new roles.

The New Manager Development Program (NMDP) helps participants to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their new roles.

Designed to help managers become more effective leaders, NMDP covers the fundamentals of managing yourself, leading teams, and motivating others to help achieve your organization’s goals.


  • Strengthen your management skills so you can improve your performance.
  • Manage your team, your supervisor, and your colleagues more effectively.
  • Develop an authentic management style.
  • Build confidence required for making decisions and managing dilemmas.

“Mr. Cappelli and others in the business world have picked up on an emerging but acute problem: As more young people graduate and take roles at technology companies and consulting firms, many quickly find themselves in leadership positions with little to no training about how to deal with direct reports.”

Cutter, Chip. (2019). ‘Like a Boss: A College Course for First-Time Managers,’ Wall Street Journal, May 9.


Module 1: Managing Yourself

Topics in this module include the following:

  • A Manager’s Job
  • Time Management Skills
  • Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence
  • Shaping Personal Beliefs and Character – integrity, humility, generosity, gratitude, perseverance/resilience, and courage.
Module 2: Leading Others

Topics in this module include the following:

  • Teams and Teamwork
  • Managing Up
  • Managing Your Group
  • Values & Managing Dilemmas
Module 3: Shaping Organizations

Topics in this module include the following:

  • Managing Organizational Life
  • Organizational Culture
  • Power & Influence


NMDP is delivered face-to-face in Tokyo on company premises or at a venue secured by the client company.

As described above, the Program includes 14 Learning Sessions. Each Learning Session is approximately 90 minutes in duration.

We use an approach to learning called experienced reflection: The Instructor introduces concepts, and the participants bring their experience; learning, and thoughtful reflection, occur where the two meet.

Accordingly, Participants are expected to complete assigned readings before each Learning Session, and Personal Insights Journal (PIJ) entries after each Learning Session.

Learning Sessions include (1) mini-lectures that review the assigned readings with the aim of confirming understanding, and (2) facilitated discussions conducted with the aim of considering whether and how to apply the knowledge in the readings to the management practice of the participants.

Dates and times are decided mutually by the client representative and the Program Director.

The main responsibility of a manager is to help other people be more effective in their job.


This Program is ideal for high potential independent contributors, team leaders, and new managers who want to become more effective in managerial roles.

Client company is responsible for selecting Program participants.


For information on how to enroll your employees in the New Manager Development Program, please click on the button below.

NMDP Director

Dr. Sean M. Hackett is the learning experience designer, program director, and instructor for this Program.

Currently on the faculty at Aoyama Gakuin University’s Graduate School of Business, he has been designing and delivering transformative educational experiences in the USA and Japan since 2001.

Dr. Hackett’s teaching and research interests include international cross-cultural management, innovation, negotiation, and entrepreneurship.