Entrepreneurship & New Ventures

This course focuses on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial management in startups.


Build a foundation for launching new ventures.

The Entrepreneurship & New Ventures (ENV) course is an active learning course centered on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial management.

It is positioned as an entry point for students who think that they might want to start their own business “someday,” and want to learn about the startup process now. Specifically, the course is designed to help students develop a better understanding of how to

  • generate and identify business opportunities,
  • define potential business concepts,
  • refine the business concepts through creativity and business modeling,
  • translate the business concepts into minimum viable product definitions informed by design thinking and lean startup customer development approaches, and then
  • prepare to drive sales of the products through an online presence.

ENV is an active learning course designed for 21st-century learners.

01. First Day of Class

Saturday, September 21st, 2024.
2nd Period

The first session will be taught in person. Please try to complete the APPLICATION FORM (scroll down for the link) by 20:00 p.m. on Friday, September 20th at the latest.

02. Course Duration

September 2024 – January 2024.

The 14th class meeting is the only one that occurs in January. It will be online to accommodate the needs of international students who might not be in Japan in January.

03. Course Format

This course is lecture- and discussion-based, requires students to keep an online journal, and frequently makes use of in-class breakout groups.


To Start the APPLICATION FORM for Class Selection & Onboarding Please Click on the Button Below

This form is required even if we do not need to conduct a formal selection process because it helps me to quickly assess the level of readiness of the students enrolled in – or intending to enroll in – the course.


Entrepreneurial Management is the process by which opportunities are transformed into businesses.

Learning Goals & Objectives

Learning Goal

The learning goal of this course is to acquire academic and practical knowledge about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial management.

Primary Learning Objective

The Learning Objective of the ENV course is to develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset while learning about topics related to Entrepreneurial Management and new business creation in startups.

Additional Learning Objectives

Additional Learning Objectives for this course include developing Critical Thinking, Communication, Leadership, Teamwork, & Ethical Reasoning Skills.

Entrepreneurial Management leverages business design – a discipline; a set of tools and processes – in order to prototype business models and test them in the marketplace.


Sean M. HACKETT, Ph.D.

Sean M. HACKETT, Ph.D.

Dr. Hackett has a B.A. in Government and International Studies from the University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN); an M.A. in International Relations from Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan), and an M.S./Ph.D. in Management of Technology from Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN). As a Rotary Foundation Fellow, Dr. Hackett also spent nine months studying the Japanese language intensively at International Christian University (Tokyo, Japan).

The experiences of having studied in academic degree programs housed in Colleges of Arts and Letters (University of Notre Dame, Hosei University, and Sophia University) as well as in a School of Engineering (Vanderbilt University) – and having taught primarily in Business Schools (Drexel University, Waseda University, Aoyama Gakuin University, and Simon Fraser University) but also in a School of Engineering (Vanderbilt University) – have enabled Dr. Hackett to see the world from a variety of perspectives. He connects easily with students and professionals from all walks of life.