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Sean M. HACKETT, Ph.D.

I am a business professor from the USA.

In 2001, at Vanderbilt University, I began designing and facilitating high-impact learning experiences for university students and professionals from around the world.

Since 2011 I have been adapting courses and contents that originated at top-tier, global business schools for use in Higher Education and Learning & Development settings in Tokyo, Japan.

My teaching and research interests are at the intersection of international cross-cultural management, innovation, negotiation, and entrepreneurship with a focus on how digitalization transforms existing businesses and makes new businesses possible.

At the center of these interests is a fundamental concern for helping students and professionals to improve
1) the quality of their thinking skills and their communication skills; 
2) their ability to make ethically-informed decisions; and 
3) their ability to take prudent, principled, strategic actions in an increasingly globalized and uncertain world.

HACKETT LABS is the bridge that connects my academic teaching, research, and service capabilities, enabling me to deliver high-impact Programs & Courses through my roles in Higher Education´╗┐ and in Learning & Development´╗┐:


HACKETT LABS | HIGHER EDUCATION focuses on teaching, research, advising/coaching, and service activities within the context of Higher Education (i.e. University Settings). I currently deliver high impact learning experiences at two universities in Tokyo.


HACKETT LABS | L&D offers Learning & Development Programs and Courses for high potential talent in Tokyo. For more information, please visit MDI.TOKYO.


I help students and professionals to sharpen their thinking, their decision-making, and their action-taking related to Business.

When I partner with HR to deliver premium L&D Programs & Courses to early and mid-career high potential employees, I am able to deliver rigorous, engaging active learning sessions while gaining new insights into current management challenges and trends in the private sector. Subsequently, these insights provide additional relevance to the academically rigorous courses I deliver in Higher Education classrooms.

Working in both Higher Education and in Learning & Development leads to a virtuous cycle that, I believe, serves society well.

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